Alcor Scientific Sentinel Enteral Feeding Pump

Alcor Scientific Sentinel Enteral Feeding Pump


Alcor Scientific Sentinel Enteral Feeding Pump is designed to provide an enteral feeding device that is affordable and capable of delivering reliably and safely all types of enteral feeding formulas. It is intuitively programmed to provide the operator with quick, one-touch access and its advanced software and patented technologies help ensure accurate patient delivery.

Alcor Sentinel Feeding Pump Highlights

  • Dual Display
  • Advanced Memory
  • Dose Check
  • Simple Alarms
  • Clover-shaped Rotor

Item # Desc Pkg Price
S-1000-SI 5.9" (15cm)H x 7.8" (20cm)W x 3.5" (09cm)D Each

Sentinel Plus Enteral Feeding Pump Features

Sentinel Advanced Technology -

  • Dual Display -

    The bright LED display allows caregivers to simultaneously and conveniently view the infusion rate and volume delivered from a distance

  • Advanced Memory -

    The pump operating history is retained until manually erased, even in the event of power failure or when pump is powered down

  • Dose Check -

    A record is kept of the accumulated amount of formula delivered over multiple feedings

  • Simple Alarms -
    Audible and visual alarms are easily differentiated
  • Clover-shaped Rotor -

    The unique clover-shaped rotor allows for easy visual recognition of pump operation from a reasonable distance

How to operate the Sentinel Plus Enternal Feeding Pump?

Programming The Pump -

  • Turning The Pump On -
    Press the Green On button. Alarm sounds brief and displays flash all 8's
  • Set Infusion Rate -
    Press the UP or DOWN button until desired infusion rate is displayed
  • Set Dose Limit -
    To set the dose limit, press SET then press UP or DOWN until the desired dose is displayed. Note - If dose limit is not set (display = 0), the pump will run until container is empty or the pump is stopped
  • Begin Feeding -
    Open roller clamp, press RUN/STOP to begin feeding
  • Changing the Infusion Rate -
    - To change the infusion rate, press RUN/STOP to stop the pump
    - Press UP or DOWN to make the necessary adjustment
    - Press RUN/STOP to resume
    - The infusion rate is retained in the memory
    Note - If UP or DOWN is pressed without stopping the pump, an alarm will sound and the pump will continue running and there will be no change in infusion rate.
  • Viewing Total Accumulated Volume -
    - To view the total accumulated volume delivered, press DOSE CHECK
    Note - If pressed while running, the pump will stop momentarily
  • Adjusting Display Brightness -
    Press/hold UP and SET simultaneously to change bright or dim
  • Locking/Unlocking Keypad -
    To lock/unlock the keypad, while pumping, press/hold UP and DOWN simultaneously
  • Turning Pump Off -
    To turn the pump off at any time, press the red OFF button
  • Clearing Pump Setting -
    - To clear pump settings, press RUN/STOP to stop the pump
    -Note - If CLEAR is pressed while the pump is operating, the alarm will sound and the pump will continue operation. Settings will remain unchanged.
  • Resetting Volume Delivered -
    To reset Volume Delivered to 0 - Press and hold CLEAR, the pump beeps once, pauses beeps twice and the volume clears to 0
  • Resetting Dose Limit -
    To reset the Dose Limit to 0 - Press SET then presses and hold CLEAR within 3 seconds. The pump will beep once, pause, beep twice, and display clears to 0
  • Resetting Total Accumulated Volume Delivered -
    To reset total accumulated volume delivered to 0 - Press DOSE CHECK, then press and hold CLEAR within 3 seconds. The pump will beep once, pause, beep twice, and the display clears to 0
  • Clearing Volume Delivered, Dose Limit, and Resetting Infusion rate to 5 -
    To clear Volume Delivered, Dose Limit and reset Infusion Rate to 5 -Press and hold CLEAR for 7 beeps total (approx. 10 seconds)

How to Clean the Pump?

  • With warm, soapy, water dampen a cloth or sponge
  • Clean the pump housing and rotor
  • Clean the drop sensor with soft cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol

A Guide To Sentinel Enteral Feeding Pump -

  • What are the minimum and maximum flow rates?
    5-295mL/hr in 1 mL increments
  • What is the weight and size of the pump?
    1.42kg (3.13lbs), 15cm H x 20cm W x 9cm D (5.91in H x 7.87in W x 3.54in D)
  • What kind of administration sets can I use with the SENTINEL?
    - Use only SENTINEL administration sets. Use of ente


Particulars Specification
Mechanism Rotary Peristaltic
Rates 5 to 295ml/hr in 1ml increments
Dose Limit 1 to 2000ml in 1ml increments/2000-9999ml in 5ml increments
Dose Accuracy ± 10% of selected flow rate with ALCOR sets
Occlusion Pressure Does not exceed 15 psi
Battery 12V, 1.3 AH sealed lead acid
Recharge Continuous while unit is plugged into AC outlet
Memory Retained without power required
Size 5.9"H x 7.8"W x 3.5"D
Weight 3.13lb Or 1.42Kg




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