A3BS Ten Phase Meiosis Model

A3BS Ten Phase Meiosis Model

Brand/Manufacturer: AMERICAN 3B SCIENTIFIC

A3BS Ten Phase Meiosis Model displays ten stages of meiosis on the basis of a typical mammal cell at an enlargement of approximately 10,000 times. The three-dimensional relief models are painted according to the usual coloring methods of microscopy, making the process of meiotic cell division easy to understand. The cell organelles are portrayed open in the lower part of the models.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
R02 23.6" x 15.7" x 2.4" Each


  • A3BS Ten Phase Meiosis Model display ten phases:
    - Interphase (stage of G1-phase)
    - Prophase I (leptotene)
    - Prophase I (zygotene and pachytene)
    - Prophase I (diplotene)
    - Prophase I (diakinesis)
    - Metaphase I
    - Anaphase I
    - Telophase I, cytokinesis I, interkinesis, prophase II and metaphase II
    - Anaphase II
    - Telophase II and cytokinesis II
  • Equipped with magnets at the back for teaching purposes
  • Can be easily arranged on a magnetic board
  • Comes with 40 x 60cm storage system which can be fastened to the wall
  • Included detailed description and handouts for lessons

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