Ottobock Malleo Immobilizer Night Splint

Ottobock Malleo Immobilizer Night Splint

Brand/Manufacturer: OTTO BOCK
  • FSA Approved

Cybertech Ottobock Malleo Immobilizer Night Splint with posterior design and angled shell stretches the foot to aid in nighttime healing. Malleo Night Splint features angled shell which maintains foot in dorsiflexed position and medial and lateral straps tension for increased support and stretch. The soft foam liner and strap pads are designed for nighttime wear and comfort.

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
50S20-1=S Small Each $1.60
50S20-1=M Medium Each $1.60
50S20-1=L Large Each $1.60

Ottobock Malleo Immobilizer Night Splint Features

  • Used for treatment following operative tendon lengthening in the calf muscle region and problems resulting from excessive stress to the lower leg-foot region
  • Removable liner for laundering
  • Indications:
    - Indicated for treatment of plantar fasciitis
    - Achilles tendonitis
    - Drop foot
    - Heel pain
    - Post static dyskinesia
  • Material:
    - Foot bucket: Polypropylene
    - Liner: polyester, foam, velour
    - Hook and loop straps: nylon
    - Closure pad: polyester, foam, Velour
    - Closures: polypropylene
    - Rivets: nylon
    - Sole: Evazote
  • Click here for Instructions For Use

More On Ottobock Malleo Immobilizer Night Splint

Application Instructions:

  • To apply the orthosis, completely open it and position the foot in the middle of the orthosis with the knee flexed
  • Close the ankle strap and set the hook and loop closure to a comfortable length
  • Close the foot and calf strap similarly
  • Extend the knee to ensure that the ankle and foot straps are firmly in place. Readjust the hook and loop closure, if necessary
  • The hook and loop closures that support dorsal flexion can be incrementally adjusted to increase or reduce the angle of the foot


  • Use a slightly moistened cloth to clean the outside of the orthosis. Hand-wash the textile elements in 30 degree C warm water with a standard mild detergent. Soap residues can cause skin irritations; therefore, rinse the orthosis thoroughly so that all soap residue is removed. Let air dry. Do not expose to the sun and do not use oven or radiator heat for drying.


  • The patient is to be instructed in the proper use/care of the product. The initial fitting and application of the product must be carried out by trained, qualified personnel only.
  • The daily duration of use and period of application are dependent on medical indication by the physician.
  • The product is designed for use on one patient only. Parts to be fitted and those parts that come directly into contact with the skin can cause functional and hygienic risks if the orthosis is used by another person.
  • An orthosis/support applied too tightly to the body can cause local pressure and, in some cases, even restrict adjacent vessels or nerves. Do not apply the product too tightly. Consult a physician immediately if you experience unusual changes (such as increase in pain).
  • This product is not flame-resistant. Keep the product away from flames or other heat sources. The product should not come into contact with grease or acidic agents, unguents and lotions, as this can reduce the useful life especially of pads.
  • Damage caused by wear and tear. Before each use, the orthosis must be checked for functional reliability and for possible wear or damage.
  • If a closure or any other part of the orthosis shows any signs of wear, the orthosis should no longer be used. Improper changes to the product are not permitted

Ottobock Malleo Immobilizer Night Splint Specification

Size Men's  Shoe Size Women'sShoe Size


Upto 4.5 Upto 6.5


5 - 9 7 - 11
Large 9.5+ 11.5+

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