Polar Products is a leading manufacturer of high-quality hot and cold therapy products. These products provide drug-free, natural pain relief and are widely used in hospitals, clinics and homecare settings. Polar Products also offers a wide range of body cooling vests and wraps to protect heat-sensitive individuals from the heat of the sun. Its body cooling systems are widely used for athletics, fitness, industrial safety, construction, military and emergency services.


Types of Cooling Products

Kool Max

Kool Max products use frozen water-based cooling packs. These packs provide highest cooling and heat protection to people with heat intolerance and sensitivity. They are reusable and provide up to 3-4 hours of cooling. The duration of cooling effect depends upon the activity for which these cooling packs are used, environment and personal metabolism.

Cool Comfort

Cool Comfort products are based on new Hybrid Cooling Technology. They are great for exercise and sports activities. Cool Comfort vests and wraps get recharged quickly in cool water. They provide cooling for many hours in a low humid climate. The duration of cooling depends upon personal metabolism, environment and level of activity.


Cool58 products use 58 degrees F phase change cooling packs. They are an ideal choice when freezers are not available. Cool58 packs are reusable and provide cooling for 2-3 hours depending on personal metabolism, level of activity and environment. They can quickly recharge in a cooler of ice water.

Cool Flow

Cool Flow products feature cold water system that circulates ice water through the tubes present in the vest. There is a reservoir connected to the vest that contains ice and water. Such Polar products provide deep core cooling of the body for extended periods of time.

Active Ice

Active Ice Systems have a quiet and highly efficient pump that offers effective cooling to the users. These body cooling products are designed to provide drug-free relief from pain after a surgery. They are comfortable and easy to use for users.

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