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BioTemper – Introduction


BioTemper is a range of products out of Scientific Solutions designed to provide relief from aches and pain. Cold therapy (also known as cryotherapy) is applying something cold to the source of pain. It has been used to reduce swelling, pain and nerve activity for many years. BioTemper provides topical cold therapy that provides additional benefits beyond ice, cold packs, and ice baths. It offers topical cold therapy which numbs the pain and relaxes the muscles through the cooling effect of menthol.
BioTemper - Herbal Pain Relief Therapy acts faster and more powerfully providing relief from sprains, strains, injuries, muscle pain, muscular back pain, pain due to arthritis and plantar fasciitis. BioTemper pain relievers use the theories of pain gate and stimulation of cold receptors to help overcome short-term discomfort as well as chronic pain. BioTemper products are designed to act on the source of pain, reduce blood flow to the targeted area and increasing blood circulation in the skin. They use menthol, camphor, arnica flower and boswella to provide a safe and effective pain-relieving remedy. At Health Products For You, you will find an exclusive range of BioTemper pain relief gel, tube, spray and roll on.

How does BioTemper Pain Relief Therapy Work?

Overworked muscles, a chronically aching back, arthritis – these types of pain affect millions of people. BioTemper - Herbal Pain Relief Therapy is a topical analgesic that uses the natural cooling effect of menthol to soothe and relieve pain. BioTemper acts quickly, offering relief through cold therapy. It is effective when used together with hands-on health care from chiropractic, massage, and physical therapists. BioTemper invests scientific research to find the best way to relieve pain. The basic science behind BioTemper are based on the Pain Gate Theory and Stimulation of Cold Receptors theories.

  • Pain Gate Theory: Working with the mechanism of the body, BioTemper utilizes the pain gate phenomenon to help users overcome short-term discomfort of muscle ache and chronic pain from joint inflammation.
  • Stimulation of Cold Receptors: When BioTemper is applied to a painful area, the menthol binds with temperature-sensitive receptors on the skin. When these receptors are activated, it modulates pain signals through natural pain relieving system of the body. It works similarly to ice but with the additional benefits of BioTemper.

Features and Benefits of BioTemper Pain Reliever:

  • Safe and effective analgesic offering relief from everyday pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory, rich, moisturizing, non-greasy, stainless, deep penetrating formula.
  • Biotemper - Herbal Pain Relief Therapy products are created from all natural ingredients derived from plants such as menthol and camphor for fasting acting pain relief.
  • Joint and muscle pain reliever, recommended by professionals, athletes, trainers, and coaches to relieve aches and pains, sore muscle, or discomfort.
  • BIOTEMPER is a Homeopathic, all Natural, high-quality herbal remedy for pain relief that is paraben free and never tested on animals.
  • Made of a high-quality colorless formula, that is paraben free and never tested on animals.
  • BIOTEMPER Multiuse Herbal Pain Relief is doctor recommended and proven to work without any harmful side effects

When to use BioTemper Pain Relief Products?

  • Sprains, strains, after injury
  • Sharp, shooting muscle pain
  • Muscular back pain
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Pain from Plantar fasciitis
  • Arthritis pain and Muscle aches

BioTemper all natural products contain :

  • Arnica Flower Tincture :
    Derived from the arnica flower, this naturally occurring herb has been shown to effectively treat sprains, bruises, muscle pains and bouts of arthritis. Applied promptly, it helps prevent the formation of bruises by stopping the capillaries from bleeding. It works by stimulating the activity of white blood cells which process congested blood, and by dispersing trapped fluids from joints and muscles and bumped and bruised tissue. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities and it is these that help to reduce pain and swelling as well as improving wound healing.
  • Menthol:
    Derived from the oil of peppermint, menthol is a natural occurring organic compound, which exerts anesthetic and cooling power over parts to which it is applied. Provoking cold sensitive receptors in the skin, and activation Kappa-opoid receptors allows menthol to exert its effects over the skin.
  • Boswelia Carter Powder:
    Derived from boswellia plants and trees, this powder has been shown to improve various inflammatory conditions. Its gummy resin is taken from the tree by incisions in its bark that allow the thick, substance to ooze out for collection. In the substance are compounds that have been used for many years for their anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, arthritis-fighting, and anticancer effects.
  • Camphor:
    Derived from the wood of the Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum Camphora), Camphor is used medically as a local anesthetic and cooling agent. Numbing the pain receptors at the superficial level, it acts as a anesthetic, antispasmodic and anti inflammatory agent. Camphor is also well known to help deal with many symptoms of arthritis and gout.
  • Aloe Vera:
    This naturally occurring plant has been used for centuries in aiding in rejuvenating, healing or soothing the skin.
  • Tea Tree Oil:
    An essential oil derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia, tea tree oil has been proven to be a very effective mode of rejuvenating the skin along with providing anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti septic properties.
  • Clove Oil:
    An essential oil derived from the clove plant, clove oil has been proven to be effective in treating headaches. Clove oil has many flavonoids in it, which are anti-inflammatory agents. When topically applied to the temples or neck, that anti-inflammatory quality will ease the inflammation or tension that so often brings about headaches. For the same reason, clove oil is used as a pain reliever on other parts of the body, like joints and overworked muscles, to provide some relief from painful inflammation or swelling.
  • Vitamin E:
    Known for its anti oxidant effects, vitamin e provides defense against destruction of the body’s cells.
  • MSM:
    Methyl Sulfonylmethane is a naturally occurring organosulfur compound which has shown to improve symptoms of arthritis, inflammation and muscle pain in a vast array of clinical trials. Studies have shown that MSM reduces the amount of oxidative stress damage incurred through exercise, therefore allowing it to be an optimal agent for minor injuries.
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