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Commode Toilet is a tool designed to make toileting more comfortable for individuals who constantly experience physical difficulties and cannot reach the bathroom on time due to injury, illness, or physical disability. The portable commode combines unique features that make toileting easier and safer for each individual with medical conditions.  

A commode chair is a movable toilet with a chair-like appearance that has a polyurethane plastic container attached to a steel frame which can be removed once used and placed near the bed if a person cannot get to the toilet. Additionally, a portable commode is constructed to provide a comfortable and safer surface, an anti-slip feature allows secure toileting and is easy to clean. 

Benefits of Commode Toilet

  • Commodes have easy access: The senior commode toilet's lightweight and portability make it easy to place or move to an area preferred by the user. For instance, a commode toilet can be set in the bedroom, living room, or where the elder can easily access them.
  • Portable commode offers control and freedom to seniors: Commode toilet chair allows freedom and independence to seniors by reducing movements in and out of the toilet enabling the user to go to the toilet without assistance, especially at night time.
  • Beside commodes keep privacy of elderly people: Commode toilet helps seniors to maintain their dignity by self-operating features reduce the interactions between seniors and caregivers.
  • Provide safety to seniors and caregivers: Bathrooms and toilets have slippery surfaces that can cause serious injury but using 3 in 1 commode, seniors may no longer have to worry as the commode toilet ensures their safety and security while toileting.

Types of Toilet Commode 

  1. Static Commode: The static commode is a non-caster and can able to move from room to room. These beside commodes provide greater support and stability and are easily stackable to prevent falling. Additionally, these commode toilets have detachable arms for a lateral transfer, polypropylene pan, lid, and handle. Drive Knock Down Deluxe Steel Drop Arm Commode with Padded Seat is one good example of a static commode. 
  2. 3 in 1 Commode: A 3 in 1 Commode is a single device that can be used in 3 different ways a bedside commode, a toilet riser, and a toilet safety frame. A 3-in-1 commode is a versatile unit that can be placed bedside when a person is unable to travel to the bathroom. Commode toilet has an adjustable height to meet the needs or preferences of the user. One of the best 3 in 1 commode is Homecraft Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Commode
  3. Bariatric Commode: A bariatric commode is manufactured to accommodate individuals with weights up to 650 pounds. A bariatric commode features a wider seat with a countered opening that allows maximum comfort. Many bariatric commodes come with a bucket with a cover and armrests for feasible transfer from a wheelchair or hospital bed. The Rehab store brings the best bariatric commodes like Homecraft Deluxe Bariatric Drop Arm Commode, Medline Bariatric Drop-Arm Commode, etc. 
  4. Commode Toilet/Shower Chair: Portable commode chair is lightweight and features four wheels to move or push easily by a caretaker over the mat, tile, and wood flooring. Commode chairs can be wheeled over the conventional toilet for additional privacy or used as shower chairs and are ideal for clinical, school, or home use. 

Buying Guide: How to choose a commode toilet for adults? 

One should consider these things before purchasing a commode toilet for them or for their beloved. 

1. Stability  

When one chooses a commode toilet should consider features like rubber-tipped feet or locking casters, handrails for leverage, and droppable armrests to facilitate safe transfers, all ensuring stability and safety of their beloved. 

2. Material 

Another factor that prompts people to go for beside commode is framed with healthcare-grade and eco-friendly material, which allows you to keep the chair clean and hygienic. 

3. Weight Capacity 

When selecting a commode chair, you should ensure the weight capacity that is clearly mentioned in product specifications. The weight capacity of a standard commode toilet chair is 300 lbs, while bariatric models can weigh up to 700 lbs. 

4. Height and Width 

Individuals who are going to purchase beside commodes should check their height and width as it is used to facilitate people with back pain, knee ligament injury, and other orthopedic conditions

Where to Buy Toilet Commode? 

At Rehab Store, we bring numerous commode chairs from leading manufacturers including Patterson Medical/Performance Health, Medline Industries, Graham-Field Health Products, Inc., and many more to make toileting safer and easier even with ailments. Place your order with us now!