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Thermometers are used for measuring body temperature. They are of varied types, with models designed for convenience and accuracy. They can be used to measure body temperature including ear thermometers, digital thermometers and rectal thermometers that measure rectal body temperature. Thermometer accessories consist of probe covers to keep your thermometer clean for repeated use.

Types of Thermometer

There are many types of thermometers that measure body temperature.

Oral Thermometer

Oral temperature may be taken from a patient who is capable of holding the thermometer in his mouth correctly and safely. Oral thermometer is not ideal for small children or people who are overcome by coughing fits or with a tendency to vomit. Traditional thermometers contain mercury which is highly toxic and may cause serious problems if the thermometer is damaged while still in the patient’s mouth.

Axillary Thermometer

Axillary thermometers are placed under the arm of the patient with the tip in the deepest crease. Axillary thermometers are much safer than oral thermometers as the chance of coming in touch with Mercury are greatly reduced. Manual Axillary thermometers usually take approximately 5 minutes for an accurate reading.

Rectal Thermometer

Rectal thermometer is said to be the most accurate. Temperature is taken by pushing the thermometer into the rectum via the anus. Rectal thermometers can be painful and uncomfortable method of taking body temperature therefore, some kind of lubricant should be used. It is ideal when taking temperature of infants.

Tympanic Thermometer

Tympanic Thermometers are very popular among parents of small children. They are faster than regular digital thermometers and are easy to use. To measure the ear temperature, the tip of the thermometer (covered with probe cover) should be placed in the ear canal opening to take the temperature. The probe should be pointing into the ear canal opening and not at the wall of the ear.

Where to buy Thermometer Online?

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