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A donut cushion is a circular or square shaped pillow with a hole in the center. At Rehab Store, donut cushion seats are available in different sizes and patterns suitable for variety of usages. 

Back pain, lower back pain, or numbness in the back often occurs when excessive pressure is put on the muscles. Elderly people, those with sitting jobs or the ones that have to drive for longer hours of the day, experience back pain more than others. To prevent back pain and other related ailments, accessorizing normal chairs or wheelchairs with a seat pillow or donut cushion is essential. Seat cushions or chair pillows improve posture and ease back pain. People can use a donut pillow for tailbone pain also.   

Benefits of using a donut cushion?  

Prolonged sitting can cause a lot of health issues such as pressure ulcers and perineal skin infection. To prevent these problems, people need to use donut pillows. Here are some of the reasons why you should use chair pillows-  

Features of seat cushion 

A donut seat cushion is very effective for tailbone or sciatica pain. It supports the back, lower back & coccyx and relaxes them. Some of the features to know about bench seat cushions-  

  • Portability to take them anywhere  
  • Breathable mesh cover that minimizes sweating  
  • Non-slip bottom to be seated firmly  

Where to use the donut pillow?  

These cushions for chairs are available for multiple uses, these can be used everywhere, at home, in cars, offices, or they can also be used as coccyx cushion to comfort coccyx. Here are some types of chair pillows-  

  • Chair pads  
  • Car seat cushion  
  • Wheelchair seat cushion  
  • Office seat cushion  
  • Coccyx cushion  
  • Chair cushion  
  • Dining chair cushion  
  • Bench seat cushion  

Buying guide for donut cushion 

Seat pillows are crucial in routine life, as sitting for a long time affects health in many ways. Consider these points before buying a donut pillow.  

  • Type of material – chair pillows you choose must have a material that is comfortable and alleviates the pain. Always prefer soft fabric for everlasting comfort.  
  • Size and shape – donut cushion seats are available in different shapes and sizes. Its size depends on the weight of the person concerned. Buy a donut pillow that is perfect for you and gives comfort while sitting on it.  
  • Firmness – seat pillow’s firmness depends upon the use and the support the person requires, if you need more support, choose a firmer donut pillow, else you should choose a softer donut cushion.  

Where to buy a donut pillow? 

Rehab Store offers you a variety of chair pillows from manufacturers like PROACTIVE MEDICAL, MABIS DMI HEALTHCARE, ESSENTIAL MEDICAL, COMPLETE MEDICAL SUPPLIES, HERMELL PRODUCTS INC. Place your order today and earn reward dollars on every purchase you make.