Patient Safety alarms


We carry a huge supply of Patient Safety alarms which are high quality and reliable. There are personal pagers, wonder alarms, chair and bed patient alarms, pull cord alarms and fall monitors and much more. The AliMed Basic Pull Pin Alarm  signals when a patient is at risk of falling or wandering while the Seatbelt with Alarm keeps the patient safely in the chair. The Alarm Monitor and Sensor Pad Set from Patterson Medical or the Floor Mat Alarm from Skil Care  are activated when the resident shifts weight off the pad. Avail of the super-save offers on all our items and buy your product now!


Benefits of Patient Safety Alarms for Caregivers:

What is a caregiver’s greatest worry? A wandering patient. But with safety alarms, you can be assured that you will be alerted if the patient or loved one gets up from a bed or wheelchair, or if a door is opened. These alarm devices monitor patient movement, and alert the caregiver or facility staff when a movement is tracked. With safety alarms fall prevention programs can be accomplished successfully. It can be dangerous for many patients to leave their beds without supervision like those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia who have tendencies to wander and get lost in their confusion.  Safety alarms alert caregivers when this happens preventing this fearful risk. 


More about Patient Safety Alarms: