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What is Padding Material used for? 

The process of splinting and casting starts with the application of stockinette, followed by padding. Prolonged use of casts and splints can lead to irritation and discomfort of the affected area, which may reduce patient compliance. Padding materials are the perfect solution to protect against this, creating a barrier between the skin and the splint or cast to help prevent skin breakdown and increase patient comfort. This method of layering provides sufficient cushioning and protection during the healing process of sprains, fractures, strains, and more. 

Features of Moleskin Padding  

  • Designed for use under splints and casts 
  • Provides enhanced comfort against the harsh material of a splint or cast 
  • Wicks away perspiration and keeps skin dry and comfortable  
  • Helps reduce irritation, discomfort, and skin breakdown 
  • Improves patient comfort and compliance 

Types of Splint Padding Material 

1. Foam Pads 

Splint padding is available in a variety of types and sizes. For casts, padding is applied in a circumferential manner around the limb. For splints, padding is applied either circumferentially around the limb or as longitudinal sheets along the inside of the splint. A minimum of two layers of padding is applied, with more padding being required for fragile soft tissue and skin, for thicker splints, and around bony prominences. Splint padding is available in various materials, including cotton, viscose rayon, polyester, foam, etc. 

2. Stockinette 

Stockinette is kind of a thin sock that goes right next to the skin before the padding layer is put on. Tubular stockinette is worn over arms, elbows, wrists, ankles, knees, and other parts of an extremity to protect skin from chafing. Stockinette bandage conforms well to the body contours and evenly distributes pressure. They are usually available in rolls and can be cut into the required size. 

3. Splint Liners 

Splint liners are similar to tubular stockinettes and are designed to be a base layer for hard casts or splints. The hard cast material can irritate the skin and cause uncomfortable rubbing, but these splint liners make it more bearable and comfortable to wear. Stockinette splint liners wick moisture away and let the skin breathe, preventing unpleasant odors while in a cast or splint. 

How does Splint Padding is applied? 

  • Stockinette is the base layer for any cast or splint. Stockinette bandage is cut into the required size and applied to the limb. 
  • Moleskin padding material is then applied circumferentially to the limb or as sheets according to the length of the splint. 
  • There are both sterile and non-sterile types of splint padding. Sterile padding is required for surgery and post-surgery applications, while non-sterile splint liners are suitable for other applications with no wounds, sores, or surgical incisions. 
  • Extra padding may be added around the bony prominences, and anywhere skin breakdown could occur secondary to pressure. 
  • Enough padding is applied to prevent skin breakdown, but not so much that it will give the fracture “wiggle room,” and you will lose reduction. 
  • If the cast padding is excessive or restricting motion, you can trim it carefully with scissors or ask the hospital staff to do this before you leave if you notice it. 
  • When applying cast padding, it is important to make sure that it is smooth and without wrinkles because wrinkles in this layer can lead to pressure on the skin. 

Best-selling Padding Material at Rehab Store 

  1. Rolyan Temper Foam Sheet is open-cell padding that is made from temper foam brand material that is comfortably soft, durable, and yet firm on impact. 
  2. Rolyan Gel Padding is used in gloves, splints, and footwear to help disperse the energy of impacts and reduce skin shear. 
  3. Rolyan Stockinette Splint Liner is worn underneath the splint to provide comfort to the injury while healing. 

Where to buy Moleskin Padding online? 

Moleskin padding material is widely used in hospitals and clinics for orthopedic purposes. At Rehab Store, choose from a variety of padding materials that have been designed to provide padding under cast or splint, prevent irritation and infection, and facilitate the healing process for orthopedic fractures or other injuries. We have open-cell and closed-cell foam padding, tubular stockinette, stockinette splint liners, gel padding, foam sheets, and more. These high-quality and durable padding materials are from our esteemed vendors like Patterson Medical, North Coast Medical, BSN Medical, etc. Place your order today! 

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