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Otoscope is an instrument designed for visual examination of the eardrum and the passage of the outer ear, typically having a light and a set of lenses. It is a sleekly designed instrument which produces an intensive, white circular light from its halogen lighting source. A penlight is a small flashlight in the shape of a pen and feature high intensity with focused beam lens-end lamp.Otoscopes are mostly used by doctors but it can be beneficial to keep a home otoscope that is easy to use and can help you decide whether a trip to the doctor is necessary or not. Many Otoscopes are specifically built for home use. A home otoscope is a must-have instrument for parents, who have a child with chronic ear infections.

What are the applications of an Otoscope?

Otoscope is a versatile instrument which can be used to examine many parts of the body.

  1. Ears: The most popular use of an otoscope is to look into the patient’s ears. This enables the doctor to see the middle and inner ear.

  2. Throat: Otoscopes are used by doctors to see the tonsils and back of the patient’s throat.

  3. Eyes: Doctors also use otoscopes to look into the patient’s eyes. This can help the doctor properly diagnose a variety of infections of the eye.

  4. Nose: Doctors can also look into the patient’s nose with an otoscope.

  5. Navel: Doctors also use an otoscope to look at their patients' navels. This allows the doctor to see any infection or injuries that cannot be detected with the naked eye.

How to use an Otoscope safely?

To use an otoscope safely, the following steps should be taken:

  • Hold the otoscope with the same side hand of the ear you are checking

  • Use a narrower speculum (funnel-like object) if checking the ear of a child

  • Pull the ear lobe up and towards the back of the head by gently grabbing the middle of the ear lobe

  • Place the probe end of the otoscope into the ear canal. Do not force the probe into the canal

  • If it is painful, then back the probe out a little bit

  • Look through the eye piece on the otoscope to see into the ear

  • Normal ears are crooked and will have a grey color, a light reflection and some wax

  • Look for things such as an inflamed skin canal with debris for otitis externa

Even if you do not see signs of an infection with an otoscope, the patient may still have an ear infection.

Where to buy Otoscope Online?

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