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What is Occupational Therapy?

Adaptive Equipment Occupational Therapy is the technique used to help people with physical infirmity adapt to daily activities with ease. People with injuries, physical disorders, etc., face a lot of difficulty in executing daily chores. Occupational therapy helps such individuals modify or adapt their lifestyle to their condition by incorporating different movements, techniques, and the use of adaptive equipment.

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What Does Occupational Therapy Include?

There is a wide range of activities and techniques that are designed to help people adapt to their injuries or physical infirmities. They include:

  • Using assistive devices such as wheelchairs, daily living aids, bathroom safety aids, dressing aids, dining and drinking aids, etc.
  • Learning fall prevention techniques and using fall prevention aids such as alarms, fall prevention mats, etc.
  • Improving balance and overall body strength using exercise and fitness, enhancing memory and speech, and injury prevention and protection.
  • Organizing medications according to time, day, and date.
  • Improving hand-to-eye coordination, fine motor skill training, and gross motor skill training

What Conditions Require Occupational Therapy?

Adaptive Equipment Occupational Therapy can be used to help people adapt to different conditions such as:

Occupational Therapy vs Physical Therapy

In physical therapy, physical therapists work on specific areas of the body to improve strength, balance, and movement and help in the patient's mobility. Physical therapist mostly works on the patient's ability to walk, climb stairs, and have severe immobility.

In occupational therapy, the occupational therapist works on daily life activities and not on any particular thing. Occupational therapist uses certain occupational therapy toys for patient’s rehab and mobility.

Buying Guide for Occupational Therapy

  1. Occupational Therapy vs Physical Therapy – Occupational therapy is generally considered the same as physical therapy, but they work differently. Make sure to buy therapy products that work for occupational therapy and not physical therapy.
  2. Types of Occupational Therapy Toys – Occupational therapy toys come in various types for every kind of use. It manages all the daily living activities for the rehabilitation of the patient's complete health and movement.

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Where To Buy OT Adaptive Equipment Online?

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