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What is a crash cart?  

A medical cart is also called a crash cart or code cart. A crash cart is a trolley carrying medicine and medical equipment for medical procedures. It has multiple drawers and cabinets containing all necessary treatment equipment, from latex gloves, trays, dressing items, medicines, and other medical necessities. These medical carts on wheels have mobility and can be easily accessed during emergencies.  

Rehab Store has provided numerous medical carts for easy access to medical supplies from top manufacturers like The Harloff Company Inc., Mjm International Corp Inc., Healthline Medical, and many others.  

What are the features of medical carts?  

The medical cart has many features to make it easy and convenient. Some of the key elements of medical carts are-  

  • Crash carts have big-sized drawers and cabinets for storage  
  • The medical cart on wheels provides easy mobility  
  • Some medical carts come with dustbins for disposal  
  • These are typically made of steel for durability  
  • Appropriate length for easy access  
  • Advanced medical carts are attached to monitors and other usable machines. 

What are the benefits of a medical cart?  

Medical carts are necessary for medical procedures for doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals. It has a lot of benefits, such as-  

  • It holds all the required supplies  
  • Most beneficial in case of emergency  
  • Keeps most usable items handy  
  • Keeps everything organized for convenience  
  • Keeping everything together saves time  

What are the types of crash carts?  

Some medical procedures require distinctive medical crash carts, and to facilitate all kinds; there are different kinds of medication carts available. Some of the common types of crash carts are-  

  1. Emergency Cart – As the name suggests, this cart is required during an emergency. The emergency cart is equipped with all the necessities like an IV pole, suction cup mount kit, wire metal oxygen holder, defibrillator shelf, and sharps box and rail mount. The emergency cart requires prompt actions; having all these facilities in the cart makes it easier for healthcare professionals to take quick action.  
  2. Anesthesia Cart - Anesthesiologists rely on this useful cart for their procedures and treatment. The drawer configurations are optimized for supplies like syringes, needles, oxygen masks, tracheal tubes, etc. Several drawers have locking option for safely keeping anesthetic medicines. These medical carts come with sharp boxes, waste bins, and gloves holders.   
  3. IV Cart – IV stands for intravenous which means ‘within a vein.’ IV refers to giving medicines or fluids through a needle or tube inserted into a vein. IV carts come with an IV pole, and these carts are designed for bulky storage and supply of IV bags, needles, and tracheal tubes. These carts allow easy insertion and quick removal of IV bags.  
  4. Isolation Cart – The isolation cart is used for infection control; it comes with a glove box holder and contains personal protective equipment for hospital staff. It carries all the safety measures like masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc., to keep the staff and patients safe from infections. Its surface is made of antimicrobial material to prevent harmful diseases and infections, and it can be easily cleaned to avoid infections.  

Buying guide for medical crash cart  

1. Wheeled Medical Carts 

Medical Carts are designed for the purpose of quick access. These medical rolling carts come with wheels for easy mobility, so the main feature of medical carts should be easy movability, which can be taken anywhere conveniently.    

2. Purpose of getting a Crash Cart 

Crash carts come in different varieties for all kinds of usage. Every med cart works differently; make sure what your goal is of getting a crash cart.   

Where to buy a medical cart?  

With medical advancements happening every now and then, worldwide, the importance and uses of crash carts have also evolved. Rehab Store offers a huge variety of medical carts for faster and more convenient medical procedures. These crash carts are made by top manufacturers like R&B Wire Products Inc., Clinton Industries Inc., Hausmann Industries Inc., Mor-medical International, Duralife, and many others.