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Magnifying lenses can be made of glass or clear acrylic materials. Each type of lens has its advantages and disadvantages. Glass lenses have very clear optical qualities and allow more light to be transmitted through the lens. Glass lenses are also generally resistant to scratches. Glass lenses are heavier than acrylic lenses of the same size. On the other hand, acrylic lenses are used as an alternative to glass lenses. Acrylic lenses are generally very lightweight compared to glass lenses. They are normally scratch-resistant and are resistant to shattering.

Which is the best level of magnification for me?

Different individuals require different levels of magnification. For individuals who require a magnifier to see a large field of view such as the case of reading, sewing etc., a low power (e.g. 2x-3x) magnifier is recommended while for individuals who desire to see a large magnification of a small area such as fine carving etc., a high power (e.g. 5x-10x) magnifier is recommended. The selection of the best magnifier for your individual needs depends on the level of detail you desire to see on the object.

Can a flat magnifier be directly laid on the page?

Flat magnifiers tend to have a large focal length that requires it to be placed 2-5 inches above the page depending on the magnifier to achieve optimal magnification. We carry full-size page magnifiers (that need to be held above the page) as well as bar magnifiers and round dome magnifiers (that can be placed directly on a page) the bar and dome magnifiers magnify a smaller amount of text at a time while the full page magnifiers magnify the whole page.

Where to buy Magnifiers online?

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