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What are Ergonomic Kitchen Tools? 

Kitchen utensils and equipment are essential for food preparation. Different utensils are made for each task, such as cutting, measuring, heating, baking, mixing, blending, grinding, and many others.  

Elderly people and those with limited mobility and hand strength may have difficulty performing different tasks in the kitchen with the help of regular kitchen gadgets and require specially designed kitchen tools for safe and independent cooking. Kitchen tools are ergonomically designed to reduce the stress of working in the kitchen for such individuals by providing them assistance in accomplishing these tasks efficiently and effortlessly. 

Rehab Store offers a huge collection of kitchen utensils & gadgets that make cooking less of a chore and more enjoyable. We have various kitchen gadgets, adaptive equipment, kitchen utensils, adaptive cutting boards, rocker knives, easy openers, and many more from top brands at exciting prices. 

Who needs Adaptive Kitchen Equipment? 

Certain medical conditions and disabilities can affect the hands or arms, and one may have difficulty preparing meals and cooking. People with the following conditions may benefit from adaptive kitchen equipment:  

  • Arthritis 
  • Old age 
  • Neurological conditions 
  • Joint pains 
  • Stroke 
  • Tremors 
  • Tennis elbow 
  • Hand weakness 
  • Cognitive disorders 
  • Skier’s Thumb 
  • Frozen Shoulder 
  • Sprains and strains 

Types of Kitchen Utensils and Equipment  

1. Adaptive Cutting Board 

An adaptive cutting board is a special board designed for individuals with reduced hand strength or who use only one hand. The one-handed cutting board enables the user to hold food in place for cutting, peeling, grating, or other food preparation purposes. Most adapted cutting boards feature raised edges that prevent food from falling off the board, spikes that hold the bread or vegetables firmly, and suction cup feet that secure the cutting board to the counter so it will not move. 

Swedish One-Handed Food Preparation Cutting Board features sturdy legs and suction cup feet that keep it securely on the work surface. This adapted cutting board is ideal for people who have had a stroke or have neurological impairments that limit them to using one hand. 

2. Kitchen Aids 

Rehab Store offers various tools for a wide range of food preparation activities, specifically designed for users with hand impairments or weaknesses. These kitchen aids include knives, scissors, slicers, graters, pizza cutters, mortar and pestle, utensil holders, spatulas, etc., which require little strength to use. We also have flame snuffers and cut-resistant gloves that ensure safety in the kitchen. 

Rocking T Knife is an easy-to-use knife that utilizes rocking motion to cut food and is ideal for people with a weak grasp.  

3. Openers 

Bottle and jar lids are often machine-closed to ensure a proper seal to preserve the food inside. When opening a bottle, jar, or can, twisting the lid off can be hard for those with arthritis pain and joint issues. Specially designed openers make this simple task easier and safer as they require as little strength as possible to operate.  

5-In-1 All Purpose Opener is a must-have kitchen gadget designed to open bottles, cans, and jars easily. A light squeeze or a quick push is all that is required to open. 

4. Small Appliances  

Kitchen appliances make cooking and other kitchen chores easy and save time and energy. One-hand users and those with low vision can operate the appliances effortlessly and stay independent in the kitchen. We supply various kitchen appliances like a griller, toaster, microwave oven, food slicer, water filter, coffee maker, popcorn maker, and a lot more. All users can certainly benefit from employing these small appliances in the kitchen and making kitchen life easier and simpler. 

Elite Slice Toaster/Oven/Griddle with Rotisserie is a multifunction kitchen appliance that meets almost all everyday cooking needs. This helps toast breads, bake pizza, cook chicken, and more. 

5. Measuring Devices  

Measuring devices are handy to have around in the kitchen and cook with accurate measurements. Vox Talking Kitchen Scale will speak the weight when weighing is complete, which can be helpful for those with low vision. 

Where to buy Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets online? 

Rehab Store carries a wide range of innovative and ergonomic kitchen utensils and equipment to ease cooking and other kitchen-related chores. We supply durable and high-quality kitchen tools from well-known manufacturers like North Coast Medical, Patterson Medical, Oxo, etc., at affordable prices. Shop today and reclaim your independence in the kitchen.