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What is Home Care?

As more and more older adults choose to age in place and live independently, it's unsurprising that senior home health care is becoming more prevalent. Home care is the care of an ill, aging, or disabled loved one in their own home. Home care may be either short-term or long-term, depending on their ailment and treatment.

Personal Safety Devices for Elderly

Bodies change with age. Sometimes, these changes or underlying conditions can increase the likelihood of falls. Experts suggest that approximately 80-90% of homeowners soon retiring prefer staying in their homes while aging. Families and seniors need to incorporate home safety and personal safety devices for elderly and follow home safety tips to prevent injuries, reduce fall risks, and ensure independence when aging at home. These tips, sometimes combined with caregiver services, can help seniors age in place longer.

Types of Personal Protection Devices

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention opine that falls can cause fatal and nonfatal injuries in seniors 65 and older. With aging skin and decreased bone density, seniors often have difficulty recovering from physical and financial falls. Each prevented fall saves an average of $30,000 in hospital and rehabilitation costs. Fall prevention and patient protection become easier with the right supplies for safety. At Rehab Store, you can find the best personal safety devices for elderly and keep them safe within their home. These personal protection devices include - 

Where can I buy Personal Protection Devices?

Rehab Store is your one-stop-shop for all types of personal safety devices for safety at home. Find the best range of home safety aids for elderly to keep them away from unwarranted falls and other potential hazards.