Changing Treatment Table

Changing treatment tables are commonly used in hospitals and care centers because of their ease of transferring patients from one table to another. They have side rails that provide additional grip to the patient. The rails are mostly collapsible to allow a easy transfer. They come in Hi-Lo and cabinet style options. They are also commonly used for infants, where a glass railing is used instead of one made from plastic or metal. Their in-built features reduce the strain of moving the patient around and make it easy for both the patient and the caregiver. They can be motorized or can be bolted into one stipulated place. They have a comfortable padded surface and hypoallergenic material. At Rehab store we have a wide range of changing treatment tables from top selling brands such as Hausmann, Armedica, Clinton Industries, etc.

Benefits of Changing Treatment Tables

  • Provide ease while transferring patients 

  • Have collapsible rails for extra support 

  • Have a breathable and padded surface .

  • Reduce strain on the back of the patient while moving 

  • Can be integrated with other treatment table types