Bidet Toilet System

Bidet Toilet System is a kind of plumbing fixture that helps in washing the genitals, anus, and inner buttocks after using the bathroom. Using toilet papers can often leave some residue on the skin. Bathroom bidets help by removing the residue and giving a refreshed and hygienic feeling to the user. They can be used by both men and women. Bidets come in a wide variety, some are portable, some are hand held, and some even provide warm water for easy & comfortable cleaning. Rehab-Store offers a wide assortment of bidet toilet systems from top-selling brands like Brondell, BBC Innovation, Big John Products, etc.


Why to use a Bidet Toilet System?

Use of dry toilet papers can cause rashes and skin irritation. Rectal and anal problems can further worsen the condition. Bidets have an edge over these toilet papers because they gently clean the genitals without leaving any residue. Their soothing, pain-free cleaning is helpful in the conditions like anal fissure, rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, anal fistula, anal itching, irritable bowel syndrome, crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and ostomy. They also reduce the chances of clogs and plumbing problems caused by tissue papers.

Types of Bathroom Bidets

Bidets come with a variety of features to fulfill individual requirements. One can choose from the toilet seat bidets, non-electric bidets, electric bidets, handheld bidets, and portable bidets.

  • Bidet Toilet Seats: Bidet toilet seats work best when there is a shortage of space and the full-sized traditional bidets cannot be installed. They are simply attached to the toilet by replacing the existing toilet seat.  

  • Electric Bidets: Automated features of electric bidets make them convenient to use, especially for people with limited mobility. They are usually accompanied by a remote control for ease of use. They have numerous features like warm water wash, warm air dry, heated seat, etc. for a pampered bathroom experience. 

  • Non-Electric Bidets: Unlike electric bidets, non-electric bidets need manual operation for effective cleaning. 

  • Handheld Bidets: Hand bidets work like a spray. They come in the form of a hose with a sprayer at one end and a water supply valve connected at the other end. The spray can be moved around the genitals and anal area for effective cleaning. 

  • Portable Bidets: Portable bidets prove to be very useful for people-on-the-go. They are suitable for travelling as they can be carried anywhere. Portable bidet toilet system allows for “paper-free” toilet hygiene. Just put them in a purse or a briefcase, and they are ready to be taken anywhere.