Bariatric Treatment Table

Bariatric treatment tables, as the name suggests, are meant for bariatric patients. The material and build of these heavy duty tables allows heavy patients to use the tables without having to worry about falling or injuring themselves. The padding of these heavy duty treatment tables gives the patient a great amount of comfort. The material is breathable which allows the perspiration to evaporate easily and prevents rashes and skin irritation. The reinforced and durable material used to build the table is crafted in a way that allows the pressure and strain to be distributed equally thus preventing snapping or breaking.

At Rehab store we have a wide range of strong bariatric treatment tables from top selling brands such as Armedica, Hausmann, Bailey, etc.

Benefits of Bariatric Treatment Tables

  • Specially made for bariatric patients
  • Made of reinforced and composite materials
  • Padded for additional comfort
  • Breathable material prevents rashes and skin irritation
  • The frame is durable and can support heavy weights