What is a Hoyer Lift?

Hoyer is a brand of Joerns Healthcare that provides a complete line of top-quality patient lifts and slings. Hoyer lift is known in the industry for the standard they create when it comes to usability. The unique combination of safe patient handling principles and patient lift design ensures that the products are safe, simple, and comfortable to use. Careful attention to the lift and sling details allows for correct ergonomic usage, protecting both the patient and the caregiver from injury at all times.

Hoyer Lifts - Active and Passive Types of Patient Lifts

Hoyer Floor Lifts (Passive)

Floor patient lifts are passive lifts, which means no efforts are required from the patients during their transfer. They are completely supported by the Hoyer lift slings. These lifts can further be classified as manual and power patient lifts. Manual Hoyer lifts require some strength to operate whereas powered Hoyer lifts are much easier to operate.

  • Stature Patient Lift - A powered lift with vertical raising benefits for the needs of the modern care environment. With an extensive lifting range, it can fulfill even the most demanding and technical patient handling requirements.
  • Presence Patient Lift - A lightweight engineered aluminum frame with a safe working load of 500 lbs. It is designed to handle almost any resident-handling task with its outstanding lift range.
  • Advance Patient Lift - A compact and portable Hoyer lift with a 340 lbs safe working load. It folds up easily for storage or transport.
  • Classic Patient Lift - A collection of traditional lifts designed for the homecare environment. These truly functional and versatile lifts offer outstanding performance.

Sit-to-Stand Hoyer Lifts (Active)

Hoyer stand-aid lifts are active patient lifts. They are suitable for patients who have the ability to bear some of their own body weight but require assistance to stand. Some of them can also be used as a walking aid following a careful risk assessment.

  • Elevate Stand Aid Lift - A standing Hoyer lift designed to improve the lifting experience for both the caregiver and the patient. It has excellent lifting range and a safe working load of 440 lbs.
  • Professional Stand Aid Lift - An easy to fit, durable standaid with best-in-class functionality and a safe working load of 440 lbs.

How to choose the right Hoyer Patient Lift?

In order to choose the right type of patient lift, go through the below-given table that clearly indicates what type of patient lifting equipment is required according to the patient's dependency level.

 Dependency Status
 Floor or Overhead Lift
 Stand Aid Lift
 Independent  Unlikely to be required except in retrieval after fall or collapse  Unlikely to be required
 Dependent  May be required  Must be available
 Complete Dependence  Must be available  Unlikely to be required

How to choose the right Hoyer Lift Sling?

Browse through the Hoyer Lift Sling Selection Guide to know which patient slings will work the best with a particular Hoyer patient lift. It gives a detailed information about sling compatibility and offers a sling selection criteria according to the user's weight.

How to use a Hoyer Lift?

Positioning the Hoyer Patient Lift for use:

  1. With the legs of the base open and locked, use the steering handle to push the consumer lift into position.
  2. Lower the consumer lift for easy attachment of the sling.
  3. When the consumer is clear of the bed surface, swing their feet off the bed.
  4. Using the steering handle, move the lift away from the bed.
  5. When moving the consumer lift away from the bed, turn the consumer so that he/she faces the assistant operating the consumer lift.
  6. Press the DOWN button (electric) or open the control valve (manual/hydraulic) lowering the consumer so that his feet rest on the base of the lift, straddling the mast.
  7. Close the control valve.

Familial Features of Hoyer Patient Lifts

Here are some features that are present on most of the Hoyer patient lifts to make the patient lifting experience a breeze for both the patient and the caregiver:

Straight Line Drive

  • Stability minimizes damage to walls and doors during transport
  • Easy movement on long stretches
  • Better movement in tight spaces

Hoyer Handle (Extra Wide & Tall)

  • A large area provides caregivers the opportunity to position the lift more effectively for their comfort level
  • Addresses comfortable grip aspect of safe patient handling principles
  • Protects electronic controls

Best-in-Class Effective Lifting Range

  • Minimum height ensures excellent off-the-floor transfers
  • Can work easily with the most critical of transfers
  • Greater reach and spatial clearance

Smart Monitor

  • Displays and records vital lift utilization and service data
  • Service interval reminder helps prolong the life of the lift
  • Drives usage compliance for Safe Patient Handling Programs

Hoyer Push Pad

  • Reduces lower back-torque required for initial inertia
  • Addresses smooth movement of safe patient handling principles
  • Endorsed by industry experts
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