Supporting the Chest

What are the ribs?

According to medical science, the ribs are long curved bones that form the rib cage. The rib cage protects two of the most important organs of the body, the lungs and the heart. It also protects the internal organs of the thorax. We humans have twenty four ribs. They are flexible and enable the chest to expand thus facilitating breathing.

What are the problems associated with the ribs?

Rib fracture is one of the most common problems that can damage your ribs. Fracturing one or more ribs can cause a major problem and is a high emergency situation. A broken rib could puncture the lungs or cause damage to the heart. A direct blow to the rib cage can cause rib fractures.

What are the treatment options?

Rib supports are made up of garments, belts, and straps that give stability to the rib cage after a surgery or a treatment of the ribs. They are firm but are cozy enough to avoid adding stress or strain to the already healing rib cage. It is also very helpful in case of sternum injuries.

What are my options?

Supporting the ChestSupporting the ChestSupporting the ChestSupporting the Chest

  • AT Surgical 6 Inches Wide Rib Belt provides compression and support to the muscles and soft tissues of the rib cage weakened by strain, trauma, overuse, inactivity or surgery. Its adjustable velcro front closure helps in stabilizing the rib.

  • Core Six Inches Female Fitted Rib Belt stabilizes and supports the rib cage. It is designed with CorEdge finish for comfort and features a comfortable plush, two-tiered six-inch (15cm) high elastic body. This belt contours to four-inch (10cm) around bustline for comfort and can be worn next to skin.

  • FLA Orthopedics Safe-T-Belt Working Lumbar Belt provides support to the lower back and helps promote proper posture and lifting techniques. Wide support base is made of high grade, breathable spandex for extended product life. It is an ideal choice when shoulder straps are not desired. Excellent choice for workers who spend time sitting or need to be unencumbered by shoulder straps.

  • Rolyan Universal Elastic Rib Support provides stable support to the ribs and torso. The breathable elastic material and pressure-sensitive closures limit the expansion of the chest to promote healing. Womens support contours for proper fit.


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