Magnetic Braces and Supports

Braces and supports are used to provide stability to joints and bones of the body. Various braces and supports from rib support, to lumbar supports and wrist braces to elbow braces are all part of this category. Magnetic therapy is coupled with the use of them to enhance the healing process of a person’s joints. Specifically speaking problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, fractures, etc. all include the uses off braces and supports and combining it with magnetic therapy is a good option.

Circle shaped magnets are infused with these garments that provide a stable source of magnetic field which helps in the healing process and improves the blood circulation in the body.

For example, the BIOflex Active Back Support is ideal for back pain and allows more flexibility. It is made of breathable elastic and contains six BIOflex concentric circle magnets. Another good example is the Therion Platinum Magnetic Calf Support provides maximum relief for lower leg discomfort and helping to relieve calf cramps, shin splints, spasms, muscle tears and calf strains. It uses neodymium and ceramic magnets to improve blood flow to the muscles.

Magnetic Braces and SupportsMagnetic Braces and Supports

The Therion Balance Magnetic Back Brace is an effective and natural remedy for back pain relief, back spasms, cramps and sore muscles. It increases blood circulation and provide more oxygen and nutrients to lumbar muscles. As circulation is increased, toxins resulting from the injury are removed more rapidly, reducing swelling and speeding up recovery from back injury. The BIOflex Magnetic Support Universal Kit is made of neoprene and coolmax. It contains four bioflex concentric circle magnets and can be used for virtually any body part.

Magnetic Braces and SupportsMagnetic Braces and Supports


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